Prominent Republican Calling for Ayala Truce


Former State GOP chair Christopher Healey
State Rep.-elect Christina Ayala has an unlikely defender in her corner: former state GOP chair Christopher Healey who says calls for her resignation are premature while her cases are being heard in the state judicial system.
Newspapers like the Hartford Courant and the Connecticut Post have called for Ayala to step down before taking office next month in the wake of two arrests: one in August for hit-and-run with two children in her car and the latter, last week, for domestic abuse at her boyfriend’s home. In the latter case, Ayala, according to police reports, tried to use her position to influence the responding officers not to take action. Questions have also been raised about her residence in the district she was elected to represent.
Healey, writing in his blog Make Blue Red, said, “Some Democrats in Hartford and the Hartford Courant hope Ayala will not take the oath, but State Democrat Party Chairman Nancy Dinardo says Ayala should be given her day in court. We forget that during the days of former State Sen. Tom Gaffey, D-Meriden, and State Rep. James O’Rourke, D-Cromwell, Democrats gave those Caucasian politicians all the time in the world to prove their innocence.”
[O’Rourke was involved in an incident where a woman froze to death after leaving his car as he gave her a ride home from a bar but was cleared of criminal wrongdoing and Gaffey resigned after being arrested on larceny charges accusing him of double-billing the state and his political action committee for expenses associated with attending legislative conferences throughout the country — several times with his girlfriend.]
Healey concluded, “The circumstances behind the domestic squabble seem to be less of an issue than the motor vehicle accident that involved young children in her care. But, that’s what the courts are for. But, Christina, next time you are before a Judge, lose the gum. Not a good image.”