Poll Deems Latinos 'Most Unhappy' Ethnic Group



It appears that happiness is hard to come by for Latinos, according to the results of a recent poll attempting to quantify the country’s contentment.

The recently released Harris Poll Happiness Index revealed that Latinos are the unhappiest ethnic group in the United States, Fox News Latino reported.,

As a nation, 33 percent of the population reported being unhappy, and of that, Latinos made up 28 percent. 

While there hasn’t been a specific connections linking general unhappiness in Latinos, researchers theorize that the reason coulld have to do with the immigration debate currently raging in Washington.

The general concensus of proclaimed happy Latinos has decreased since 2010, when they were considered the happiest of the ethnic groups. At the time, 39 percent of Latino considered themselves “very happy,” according to the report. 

Since then,  Latino happiness has declined by seven percent, the poll showed. 

A statement from Regina Corso, senior vice president of the Harris Poll, said that although the view on the state of the country’s economy has improved, that has not been enough to boost the population’s overall happiness quotient. 

For certain groups, such as minorities… they are actually sub-segments of the American population where ‘happiness’ has trended downward in the last couple years,” Corso said.

The report also stated that the African-American happiness index results came in just about on par with whites, at 36 and 34 percent respectively. 

(Photo by Fox News Latino)