PETA Launches Latino Division and Spanish Website


PETA has often marketed toward the Latino audience to spread their message, including their “Piense Antes de Comer” leaflet, a spay-and-neuter billboard featuring actor Constance Marie, and numerous Spanish language materials. Now, the organization has targeted Latinos even more by launching its newest outreach division, PETA Latino.
According to the official PETA blog, the division’s launch was announced last week during an event hosted by television star Marco Antonio Regil. Actress Patricia De León debuted PETA’s newest pro-vegetarian ad, which features a photo of her and the phrase (in Spanish), “Eat Your Vegetables. They’re Very Tasty. “
Lisa Lange, Vice President of Communications at PETA, said having compassion for animals knows no language barrier. “Our goal is to make PETA Latino an indispensible resource for everyone in this community,” she said.
The PETA Latino website is completely in Spanish and features a blog, outreach materials, videos, and original content.
Check out PETA Latino here
(Photo by PETA)