PBS Documentary Follows 500 Years of Latino History in the U.S.


Benjamin Bratt will narrate the series.
Latinos’ place in American history is coming soon to the small screen.
Actor Benjamin Bratt will narrate the PBS documentary series “Latino Americans”, which chronicles the past 500 years of Hispanic history in the United States, HuffPost Latino reported.
Emmy award-winner and Mexican-American Ray Telles will produce a portion of the series. His past credits include PBS Frontline’s “Children of the Night” and “The Fight in the Fields”, a documentary inspired by Cesar Chavez.
In an interview with Voxxi.com, Telles said the idea for the series has been 20 years in the making.
Several independent producers in the mid ’90s and I tried to raise money for it and couldn’t do it. But about four or five years ago Jeff Bieber, executive producer for WETA, got together with Latino Public Broadcasting and tried to get this off the ground,” he said. “We got together, started to raise the money and develop this so it’s been in the works for about four or five years and we went into production about a year and a half ago.”
The three-part series will air in two-hour segments. Each hour of the documentary will detail a different period of Latin history. Telles produced the last hour, which focuses on the 1980s to present day.
We want to get the word out there about who we are and get some recognition for our contributions,” Telles said. “It’s important that North Americans understand that the issues that are concerning us as Latinos concern all Americans and the issues that concern other Americans concern Latinos.
(Photo by qtschlepper via Flickr)