Parents Shouldn't Pay for Special Education


The state can’t fix education cost sharing to towns and cities without fixing the cost of special education, according to Connecticut’s top budget official.
An editorial in the Connecticut Post outlines how Ben Barnes, secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, says special education costs are growing at the expense of regular education. Not fixing special education would make any other efforts on educational aid “irrelevant,” he added.
Regardless, the editorial states, the concept proposed to have parents who could afford it to share the burden needs to have it wings clipped before it can take flight. “(I)t goes against the basic concept of public education in America, where we are supposed to give all of our children the education they need through public funding. We don’t actually do that in many cases, of course, but [the] idea would set a dangerous precedent, nonetheless, even if it did pass legal muster.,” said the editorial.
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