Paramount First To Target Long Ignored Latino Film Market


Film studio Paramount Pictures has become the first movie company to tap into the growing influence and buying power of the Latino population by specifically targeting Latino audiences with a spin-off of a popular horror film franchise.
Paramount’s latest film, Paranormal Activity 4, was successful at the box office and viewed mostly by Latinos, which led the studio to rethink its marketing strategies. Now Paramount’s working on a Latino spin-off version for 2013 titled Oxnard-Tapes. The horror genre is particularly popular in the Latino community and their attendance at such films doubles every other group. Paramount sees the potential for a big payoff by using this knowledge to their advantage by creating Latino-specific horror films, according to a recent article at
Paramount is keeping its marketing efforts a secret; however the company has been conducting focused marketing campaigns on Spanish-language television stations and websites. According to the article that makes Paramount the first film studio to market a movie in such a specialized way.