Paper Folding Fun to Teach Your Kids Spanish


A fun game with a traditional Latino toy can help your kids learn Spanish (if they haven’t already) and have fun at the same time. “Comecocos,” or “asacapiojos,” are folded paper finger “boxes” that can contain questions, fortunes or word games. In English, they’ve been called cootie catchers, chatterboxes or a fortune tellers.
A comecocos can be made for Spanish learners of any level. It’s considered a great language exercise because kids can speak, hear and read Spanish as they play. Directions for making the folding paper game can be found at
Once the paper is cut and folded, a friend can choose a picture or color on the outside and the child with the comecocos opens and closes the toy as he or she spells the word. If a friend chooses green, the child can open and close it five times as they spells out v-e-r-d-e. The friend can next choose a number from the inside and the child may open and close the paper toy while counting to that number in Spanish. At the end the child can lift a flap to find a saying or “fortune.”
Spanish phrases can include:

  • Se resolverá un conflicto. (A conflict will be resolved.)
  • Tu deseo se cumplirá. (Your wish will come true.)
  • Un regalo tuyo le hará muy feliz a alguien. (Your present will make someone very happy.)
  • La buena fortuna te espera. (Good fortune is waiting for you.)
  • Te invitarán a un evento emocionante. (You will be invited to an exciting event.)

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