Opinion: It Was Cuban Medical Malpractice that Killed Chavez


Venezuela President Hugo Chavez passed away on March 6 at the age of 58
A leading expert on Venezuela is saying Cuba’s medical care is responsible for the death of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez yesterday at the age of 58. That doesn’t bode well for Cubans and their country.
Joel D. Hirst, a principal at Cordoba Group International and author of “El Teniente de San Porfirio,” a novel on Socialist Venezuela, wrote for FoxLatinoNews, “There is perhaps no worse political disaster for the government of Cuba than the death of President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela. After the Soviet Union collapsed and ceased to subsidize the Castro regime, the government of Cuba went through a very difficult period. That is, until President Chávez picked up the tab.”
Hirst added, “If there was anybody that could expect the very best Cuban medicine had to offer, it was the Castros’ five billion dollar man. This makes the … death of Chávez that much more embarrassing for the Castros, because the velocity at which the strongman … deteriorated is due in no small part to the incompetence of the Cuban doctors at Cimeq – the hospital of choice for the communist party leaders.”
According to research Hirst did, Cuban doctors incorrectly initially identified the kind of cancer Chavez had, which resulted in him receiving the wrong chemotherapy and other treatments. Hirst said that made the disease resistant to further treatment. That lead to other complications that shortened Chavez’ life expectancy.
“If President Chávez, with an unlimited wallet and access to the best Cuban medicine has to offer —as the VIP of Havana’s Cimeq hospital, the hospital of the communist party leadership and Fidel himself — was assassinated by Cuban mal-practice, it begs the question what can ordinary Cubans hope for from their dilapidated dictatorship?” Hirst wrote.
Photo (c) WikiCommons