Opinion: GOP Ruining Last Chance With Hispanic Voters


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Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Tick, tock, time has run out on the ongoing sabotage of immigration reform.
Time for John Boehner and his GOP cohort to present a credible immigration reform bill to the nation. And that doesn’t mean just any set of oily and ambiguous “principles,” but a coherent, comprehensive bill that will pass the House, reconcile with the Senate’s own bipartisan bill and win the president’s signature.
While conservative pooh-bahs are discouraging Speaker Boehner (R-Ohio) from action, saying that immigration reform will damage the GOP, the view from outside the right-wing bubble is quite different. Boehner undoubtedly gets it, but many Tea Party Republicans on the Hill and their enablers in the media, especially Tea Partyers who are rabidly opposed to reform, continue to live trapped in a time capsule somewhere in the past when Cokes sold for a nickel, new Chevys for $800 bucks and minorities were forcibly blocked from voting.
Invisible to these time travelers is the daily damage that Republicans are suffering as American Latino voters — the fastest growing part of the electorate and the margin of victory or defeat in several big states — are increasingly disgusted with the GOP’s immigration blockade.
The reality is now upon us: Since President Bush’s immigration reform was killed by his own Republican Party in 2007, and the latest GOP presidential candidate ran on apolitical suicide strategy of “self-deportation,” many Hispanics in this country see Republicans as the immovable object that must be dislodged from power.
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