Obama Plans to Nominate Latina to Top Office


Katherine Archuleta in 1984. (Photo By Ed Maker/The Denver Post via Getty Images)
Presiden Obama recently revealed his decision to nominate a Latina as the director leading the Office of Personnel Management.
According to NBC Latino, Katharine Archuleta, a former top campaign aide, will be nominated by President and, if appointed, the delegation will mark the first Hispanic to direct the agency.
The job finds its prestige in the mandated tasks it asks of its director and affiliates. The obligations of the position are numerous and Archuleta will ultimately be the person, “[who] oversees and sets policies for the federal government’s civil service workforce,” the report said.
Recently Archuleta has held the position of national political director for the 2011 and 2012 Obama campaign.
“Before her stint on Obama’s campaign, Archuleta was chief of staff at the Department of Labor and before that was a senior adviser for the city and county of Denver,” the report continued.
If the Senate agrees to delegate Archuleta as director, she will replace acting director Elaine Kaplan, who began serving in the position after John Berry, who had served a four-year-term, stepped down last month.
Before this, Archuleta also served as executive director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center Foundation for four years within 2002 to 2005.