New report underscores relationship between immigration reform, food supply


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In the ongoing campaign by the White House to pressure Congress to pass immigration reform, every executive branch department head has come out to make a speech, from their particular department perspective, as to why resolving our immigration policy would be good for the country.
To be honest, when listening to Arne Duncan or Janet Napolitano, Attorney General Eric Holder or almost any of the other department secretaries make the case for immigration reform, their voices don’t necessarily resonate with average Americans, especially those Americans who don’t have kids in school, live in a border state, are of a mixed-status family, worry about gang crime or just think they live in an insulated bubble where undocumented immigrants don’t exist in their world — if they only knew.
But there is one department secretary whose voice should resonate loudly with Americans, for a single reason — his department is responsible for overseeing our food supply.
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