New Latino Character Heads to 'Sesame Street'


Going into its 44th season, “Sesame Street”, one of television’s most popular shows for children, has responded to the growing Hispanic demographic by adding another Spanish-speaking character to its cast of live actors and puppets.
Sesame Street’s newest addition, the bilingual Armando, is scheduled to debut on the show this September and will “put a special focus on Hispanic heritage,” the NY Daily News reported.
Ismael Cruz Cordova, a 26-year-old Puerto Rican actor, will take on the role.
According to a report by Huff Post Latino, the show held an open casting call in New York City to search for their newest addition.
Currently, “Sesame Street” has three bilingual characters: two Spanish-speaking actors and Rosita, a bilingual puppet. A fourth character, Puppet Ovejita, speaks only Spanish and appears occasionally on the show.
Carol-Lynn Parente, executive producer of “Sesame Street,” said in a statement that Cordova “represents a culturally fluid and deeply layered new generation of Hispanic-Americans.”
“We know that the Hispanic population in the U.S. is growing and “Sesame Street” has always modeled that diversity, since the beginning,” she said.
“Sesame Street” also has a version produced in Mexico called “Plaza Sésamo”.
(Photo by Gil Vaknin/AP)