Never stop working to improve, CEO says


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By Taran Lucker
While Resource Management Inc. has grown from a one-man company.operating out of Reinaldo Lopez’s basement. to one with more than  7,000 employees, Lopez still isn’t satisfied.
RMI’s CEO said he wants to continue to see the Fitchburg, Mass.- based company grow and “implement new programs in order to fill the needs of the marketplace.”
RMI is the largest Hispanic-owned business in New England. But when it began in 1995, it was a battle, Lopez said.
The early hurdles included a lack of capital, as well as having little brand recognition.
A former Champion of Change, Lopez started RMI at a time when the human resources industry was not well known. Through the efforts made by his company and the National Association of Professional Employer Organization, Lopez said he was able to get the RMI’s name out to the public.
He credits the company’s success to its ability to adapt.
“There is a saying that those who survive and prosper are not the biggest and strongest but those who can adapt. Through the years, RMI had to adapt and evolve along with the needs of our clients.” He said.
His employees specialize in different areas of human resources, creating a team that knows every nook and cranny of the industry, he said.
In the early days, RMI’s services involved payroll and workers’ compensation insurance services. It now offers virtually every service in the Human Resources industry out of its 9,500 square foot office in Fitchburg, he said, as well as offering Web-based programs for clients.
He added he plans to continue with this type of attitude as he develops his company.
Resource Management currently has more than 7000 on-site employees in Massachusetts and Florida. Lopez said he strongly feels that, in order to grow an enterprise, it is essential to “hire people who are better than you at what you need them to accomplish.”
Lopez added he looks for employees who are dedicated to doing what is best for both the company and its clients, hoping to find people who would be interested in completing their careers with RMI, whether they are just starting out of college or have 10 years left before retirement.