MiTu's YouTube Network Resonates With Latinos, Hits One Billion Views


An online bilingual lifestyle network has struck a chord with Latinos. MiTu, a multi-channel YouTube network has already garnered one billion views, despite starting to produce original content just last year.
Reaching the billion-view milestone is not only an indicator of the quality of MiTu’s content, but of the clout of the Latino online audience, a report by said.
Former Univision exec Charlie Echeverry, who has been named a senior consultant to the company, said, “MiTu is breaking ground in the same way cable networks did in the early years.”
“Hispanics now lead the digital revolution and are the largest growing demographic to consume media on multiple platforms while also seeking out and creating more and more compelling content.”
The MiTu network connects Latino content creators not only with each other, but with advertisers as well.
MiTu, which is supposed to be read as “me too”, aims to produce content that other Latinos in America can identify with and relate to.
Original content on MiTu includes videos on everything from food vlogs to beauty tutorials to parenting tips.
The network currently brings in 60 million monthly views, has 4.5 million subscribers and carries 60,000 videos across 520 partner channels.
Check out the MiTu network here.