McDonald's Adds Calorie Count to Menus


McDonald’s announced that the company will list calorie totals on its menus to help customers calculate how much they should eat and what fast foods they should buy.
McDonald’s also published its first nutrition progress report and revealed new test items for a 2013 menu that include recommended food groups from the United States Department of Agriculture’s 2010 Dietary Guidelines. About 15 percent of Americans can correctly guess the number of calories they need to maintain their weight, according to recent research by the International Food Information Council Foundation. McDonald’s began a “Favorites Under 400” menu this summer that shows the calorie information for more popular menu items.
McDonald’s is looking at a list of possible items for its menu next year, including:

  • Seasonal fruit and vegetables, like blueberries and cucumbers
  • Grilled chicken for Happy Meals
  • The McWrap will have fresh vegetables in three flavors, each starting at 350 calories

An egg-white breakfast sandwich on an English muffin made with 8 grams of whole grainMcDonald’s revamped Happy Meal launched in March 2012 includes apple slices, and a kids-size fry. Fat-free chocolate milk was also added as an additional beverage choice. More than 90 percent of McDonald’s paid national Happy Meal television advertising since March 2012 has included a positive nutrition and/or active lifestyle message for kids. Since the introducing oatmeal last year, the company sold more than 427 million servings of whole grains.
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