Little Notice Made of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Anniversary


The military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal marked its first anniversary last week and it’s amazing how little notice people paid attention to it.
That’s the opinion in The Day of New London editorial, which opined, “The acceptance of openly homosexual individuals into the military has gone much smoother than earlier landmark diversity events – the racial integration of military units and the acceptance of women into the service academies.”
The Day, which has a strong military presence in its coverage area, said in its editorial, “Made with perhaps the best of intentions during the administration of President Bill Clinton, the [don’t ask, don’t tell] policy was an awful one. The policy was intended to end witch hunts in the military that had the intent of rooting out gays and lesbians. Homosexuals could serve, but only if they kept a significant part of their very natures secret.”
Now the military must do one more thing: recognize same sex couples. The Day said, “The Pentagon does not recognize same-sex couples when allocating benefits such as medical coverage, travel allowance and housing. This is particularly egregious in states, such as Connecticut, that recognize same-sex marriages. The Defense Department … should treat all couples equally.”