LIBRE Initiative Is Fueled By Latino Conservatives


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Growing up, Daniel Garza and his three siblings would often miss school to pick crops in the fields alongside their parents, who came to live in the United States from Mexico decades ago and had nothing more than a fourth-grade education.
“Times were tough for them in Mexico,” Garza told VOXXI of his parents. “They didn’t have the opportunities that they had here in the U.S. for prosperity and for making money.”
At first, things weren’t all that better for the family in the U.S. They moved constantly to follow the crop seasons in Washington, California and Nebraska. The family was also very poor.
At one time, their home was the size of a tool shed with no running water. Garza and his siblings would have to warm up buckets of water on the stove so that when their parents returned from working out in the fields, they would be able to bathe with small cups of warm water.
Despite their needs, Garza’s parents refused to apply for welfare.
“They were very proud of their self-reliance and independence,” Garza said of his parents. “They had come to America with the mindset that they were going to work hard and that they were going to save. And that’s exactly what they did.”
Eventually, his parents bought a motel using the money they made by buying and selling small properties. They continued to buy and sell properties until they retired with enough money to live comfortably.
Following in his parent’s footsteps, Garza went on to be successful as well. He went from being a police officer to being a city council member and eventually a White House aide under President George W. Bush.
Garza is now head of the LIBRE Initiative, which is considered one of the most powerful Latino conservative groups in the nation.
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