Legislature Needs To Prove It Can Cut Spending


The General Assembly can’t delay in taking action on the impending state budget deficit of $365 million that could grow to $1.2 billion without preemptive action.
The Connecticut Post says in an editorial, “No one disagrees that economic recovery after the collapse of 2008, nationwide and in Connecticut, has been tepid, and that it remains a drag on projections made earlier, but the fact remains that even after the largest tax increase in state history, Connecticut remains in trouble. It’s time for Hartford Democrats to display that they can, in fact, cut spending.”
The editorial said Gov. Dannel Malloy has done a good job in reducing a previous $3.4 billion deficit but more needs to be done. “The governor’s made a good start on streamlining government, but more, prudent belt-tightening needs to happen. If they fail to do this, the governor and his overwhelming Democratic majority in the Legislature will have no one to blame but themselves,” the editorial added.
Interestingly, the editorial also claims collusion among Democrats for delaying the announcement of deficit problems until after Election Day. Releasing info before voters went to the polls could have swayed the outcome of legislative races.