Latinos View More News on Mobile Devices – What It Means for Print


Latinos are increasingly likely to view their news on a mobile device, further impacting an already-declining print media industry, according to a recent study.
The study, “Media and Influence Survey” included  24,864 participants including Hispanics. Researchers found that Latino tablet and smartphone use increased 74 percent from 2010 to 2012, or an estimated increase of 3.9 million additional Latinos viewing their news on a mobile device, according to a recent article.
According to the article, marketers must find a balance between print and mobile media sources. Marketers should coordinate their message across all media outlets, but should first understand how their customers are using media and the first step in doing this is to understand how consumers are engaging with media.
Print readership among U.S. Hispanics aged 18 and older has decreased by 16 percent in the last five years compared to Non-Latinos, whose readership decreased by 14 percent. Researchers point out, however, that although print readership is down, it remains above half of the Hispanic adult population, or about 19 million people.
Latinos are also 50 percent more likely than Non-Latinos to get their news from a mobile device, according to the study.
Media influence among Hispanics age 18 and older:

  • Newspaper: 17.0%
  • Video on Mobile Device: 4.4%
  • Text Messaging on Mobile Device: 4.0%
  • Mobile Devices: 6.4%


  • Newspaper: 26.1%
  • Video on Mobile Device: 6.2%
  • Text Messaging on Mobile Device: 7.0%
  • Mobile Devices: 8.7%


  • Newspaper: 16.4%
  • Video on Mobile Device: 9.5%
  • Text Messaging on Mobile Device: 8.0%
  • Mobile Devices: 10.7%