Latinos Tops When It Comes To Drinking Coffee


Having a Latino friend over for dinner? Make sure there’s coffee with dessert because Latinos drink more coffee than other Americans.
The National Coffee Association measures something called “past-day coffee consumption,” which measures how much coffee was drunk the day before the survey was conducted.
Past-day coffee consumption among Latinos again outpaced that of other Americans, further affirming data identified last year when NCA began tracking ethnic consumption, according to a statement. Seventy-six percent of adult Latino-Americans said they drank coffee yesterday, 13 percentage points ahead of the total population. By comparison, 47% of African-Americans and 64% of Caucasian-Americans said they drank coffee yesterday.
Overall coffee consumption jumped by five percentage points this year, according to the NCA National Coffee Drinking Trends (NCDT) market research study. With this increase, 83% of the U.S. adult population now drinks coffee. At the same time, daily consumption remained strong and steady at 63%, while those who drink coffee at least once per week was up slightly to 75%.
“Younger consumers also showed more affinity for espresso-based beverages than their elders, with 16 percent of those 18-39 drinking them in the past day compared with just 6 percent of those 60+. However, overall daily consumption of coffee by younger consumers appears to have dropped,” the NCA said in a statement.
The single-cup brewing format continues to grow steadily: 13% of the U.S. population drank a coffee made in a single-cup brewer yesterday. This is up from just 4% in 2010. By contrast, past-day consumption of a coffee made in a drip coffee maker has dropped to 37% from 43% over the same period. Awareness of single- cup brewers reached 82%, up by 11 points from last year, while ownership has grown to 12% from 10% last year.