Latinos Now Rate Immigration as Top Concern


Since November, Latino beliefs on economy and immigration have changed with the latter now being the top concern, according to survey results from Latino Decisions. There’s also increasing support for Republicans if the party is more proactive on immigration reform.
Matt Barreto, in a post on the Latino Decisions blog, says, “Overall, 58% of Latino voters now rate immigration reform as the most important issue they want Congress and the President to address, up from 35% who rated immigration reform as the top concern in our November 2012 election eve poll.  The economy and jobs was rated second at 38% followed by health care (19%) and education (15%).” The survey was conducted among 800 Latino voters.
Among the findings of the survey was Latinos are closely following immigration issues. Barreto said, “When asked if they had read or heard anything about the immigration reform plans Congress was considering a striking 75% of Latino registered voters said yes, including 84% of foreign-born voters. Not only are Latino voters paying attention, but they expect Congress to act on comprehensive immigration reform this year.”
The poll asked Latino voters if they would be more or less likely to vote Republican if the GOP took a leadership role in passing comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship.  Overall 44% say they are more likely to vote Republican, with only 8% less likely.  In November 2012 when we asked the exact same question, 31% said they would be more likely to vote Republican.