Latinos More Likely to Overeat: What To Do About It


Most Latinos are raised to believe that overeating is a sign of nutritional quality and assures the cook they’ve done a good job, according to a recent report from the market research company NPD Group.
Latinos in the study said the more they enjoy a meal the more nutritional value it has. If someone eats the entire meal, it’s assumed the meal is nutritious and the person is healthy and eats well, according to a recent article.
Research shows this is certainly not always the case. The article provides three simple ways to avoid this kind of behavior and shy away from overeating.
*Be Honest.
A family’s desire to see you eat too much is actually a desire to connect with you. Be honest and say so if you know you will not be very hungry when you visit.  Add a compliment, like “I will not be very hungry but there’s no way I’ll miss out on your food”.  This helps set the tone and eliminates any awkwardness or hurt feelings.
*Bring Healthy.
Culture and traditions keeps us together. Give a healthy makeover to a traditional dish and bring it over to your family’s house.
*Bring Tupperware.
You can choose not to eat the entire meal at once and have leftovers for the next day without making a scene at the dinner table.  It saves money and helps your family learn the size of your portions by giving constant feedback.