Latinos Lead the Way in the Green Economy


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Latinos in America have a critical role to play. It’s not just because of growing influence at the voting booth. Latinos make up a huge portion of our workforce — and it’s getting bigger every day. By 2050, a projected 33 percent of American workers will be Latino.  And jobs that help keep our air and water clean are an area of tremendous interest to these workers, according to a poll by the National Council de La Raza (NCLR) and Sierra Club. Nearly 90 percent of Latinos polled said they’d prefer to work in clean energy industries than fossil fuels.
That makes sense, because there is a bright green future ahead for workers in these industries. A recent NCLR report shows that Latinos stand to gain tremendously by working in green jobs — especially in “hot spot” cities like Albuquerque, Los Angeles, Little Rock, Knoxville, and McAllen, Texas.
But these opportunities aren’t just on the horizon — they’re here. Already, Latinos all over the country are leading the way in promoting sustainable business and healthy jobs.
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