Latinos Largest Coffee Lovers in the Nation


Coffee ranks high on top of the traditional Latino diet, right next to arroz and frijoles. Whether it’s enjoyed con leche or negro, from a cup, or from a saucer (for the much older Latinos), coffee is the one addiction most Latinos happily share.
Latinos placed first as the ethnicity most in love with coffee in a study by the National Coffee Association. The Ethnicity and Coffee report found that 74 percent of Latinos drink coffee daily, 12 percent more than other Americans, according to a recent article from LatinaLista,com, a national media part of
Hispanics drink more premium coffee types than non-Latino-Americans. Forty-six percent reported drinking gourmet coffee every day compared to 29 percent of non-Hispanics. Latinos also drank more espresso everyday compared to non-Latinos, at 32 percent and 11 percent, respectively.
Coffee drinking starts at a comparatively young age for Latinos and all, regardless of age, drink more of it than any other group.

  • 18-24 years old: 57 percent of Latinos vs. 48 percent for non-Latinos.
  • 25-39 years old: 74 percent vs. 60 percent.
  • 40-59 years old: 78 percent vs. 63 percent.
  • 60 years old and up: 87 percent vs. 70 percent.

The study also looked at what kinds of Latinos are drinking the most coffee. Those who speak mainly Spanish drink more coffee (80 percent) than those who are bilingual (77 percent) or English-dominant (63 percent).
Spanish-speakers also drink more cappuccinos and espressos in a week than bilingual or English-dominant Latino coffee drinkers.