Latinos Lagging in Internet Access but Advancing in Smartphone Use


A recent report by the Federal Communications Commission shows a big increase to broadband internet access in houses in the U.S., but Latinos are lagging behind other groups in getting the same access.
The report concludes that 7 million more Americans have access to broadband internet from last year, but 19 million still don’t have access, according to a recent Univision article.
Hispanics are more likely than Caucasians or Asians to be in an area without access to broadband, the report says. According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), 45.2% of Latinos had a broadband connection at home in October of 2010, compared to 49.9% of African Americans, 68.3% of whites, and 68.8% of Asians. Another NTIA study also found that 42% of the general American population had an internet connection in their homes ten years prior, in August of 2000.
Latinos whose primary language is Spanish or recently immigrated to the United States are less likely to have a home internet connection, according to various studies conducted by the Pew Hispanic Center in recent years.However, recent Pew studies show that English-speaking Latinos outnumber whites in the use of smartphones and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.