Latinos Active on Social Media But Guarded


Latinos love online social media sites more than all other internet users, but they’re not reckless about what they post online, according to a recent study by eMarketer.
The report, dubbed “US Hispanics and Social Networking: A Digital Space They Make Their Own,” shows that while Latinos use fewer social sites than other users, they use the sites more often. According to the study, 68.5 percent of Latino internet users will go to social networking sites from any device at least once a month this year – many percentage points higher than the number for all internet users, according to an article on eMarktere’s website.
Social networks provide a friendly online environment in a white-dominated internet, according to the study. Latinos average four hours a week on social networks, compared to 3.7 hours a week for non-Hispanics, according to a poll by comScore in March 2012 for a Terra Networks report.
Research has also found that Latinos spend almost three hours less per week than non-Hispanics in general, or 8.7 hours versus 11.6 hours online, showing that social networking is an outsized part of Latinos’ digital lives.
But while Latinos are especially fond of social media, they’re not indiscriminate about what they post online, the study found. A uSamp survey early this year asked what types of information Latinos were “willing to share in a social media setting.” Latinos were more guarded about posting common social networking site information like occupation and personal photos. Two-thirds of Latinos in the uSamp survey said they were willing to share their race/ethnicity on social sites, making it easier for marketers to target them with more specific advertising, according to the study.
Flickr graphic © linkedmediagrp