Latino Unemployment Drops at Faster Clip


The nation’s Latino and black unemployment rates are falling faster than the unemployment rate for whites.
In September, 9.4 percent of Latino workers, 2.3 million men and women, had no jobs, down from 10.1 percent or 2.45 million workers who were unable to find jobs the month before. The September jobs report brings Latino unemployment near its lowest since 2008, according to a recent Huffington Post Latino article.
The overall unemployment rate in the U.S. recently dropped to 7.8 percent.
Hispanic voters in national polls consistently say jobs and the economy are top concerns. President Obama and Mitt Romney have both openly supported Latinos during their campaigns due to the rapidly-growing and influential Hispanic population.
The drop in Latino and black unemployment could silence critics of President Obama, who claim he has refused to start minority job-creation programs out of fear that his administration will be accused of favoring Latino and black workers to earn their vote.
The unemployment rate for white workers dropped to 6.8 percent, meaning about 8.37 million white men and women were unable to find jobs, compared to 7.2 percent of white workers or 8.95 million people in the same situation in August, according to the article.
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