Latino Opinions Strong on GOP and Gun Control


A new poll of Latinos funded by a prominent Republican donor finds that a strong majority identify with conservative principles and could also be backers of the Republican Party in larger numbers than they currently already are.
According to, the survey conducted consisted of 1,000 Hispanics nationwide. It was funded by John Jordan of Jordan Winery and conducted by Rafael Jiminez, a public opinion pollster for the former government of Mexican president Felipe Calderón.
The survey found that 59 percent agreed with the statement that “Democrats are closer to leaders we had in Latin America, always giving handouts and it we let them have their way, we will end up like the countries our families came from.” The results showed 39 percent of the people interviewed disagreed with the statement.
With the big issue of immigration, Hispanics said the GOP is behind. The Latinos surveyed agreed that immigrants should “work their way up.” While 87 percent said undocumented immigrants should be granted a path to citizenship. 57 percent said citizenship should be granted immediately, while 44 percent said it should be a few more years. also reported that Latinos are pro-gun control. A separate poll by Latino Decisions found that 84 percent of all Latinos support a universal background check for all gun purchases. According to the poll nearly 70 percent support a national gun owner registry; more than 60 percent support banning high-capacity ammunition magazine; 54 percent back an assault weapon ban.
Although a national gun registry is viewed as highly unlikely, Congress is still expected to take measures that relate to gun control and violence this year.