Latino Independents Key to Future Electoral Success


Latinos voters, who emerged as a powerful voice in this year’s elections, are getting notice from the top political circles in the country. Latino independents make up the likely moveable voters in future elections.
Politicians seeking future success would be wise to focus on the issues that matter most to the growing base unaffiliated Latinos voters in the U.S. Some of the big-ticket topics for this group include healthcare, taxes and spending and immigration, according to a recent Latino Decisions article.
While 95 percent of Latino Democrats voted for Obama or the Democratic House candidate, 90 percent of Latino Republicans voted for Romney or that party’s U.S. House candidate. Drawing in unaffiliated Latinos could be be the best way for parties to move voters. Latino independents split their vote for Obama and Romney by 60/34, and the Democratic vs. Republican House candidate split was 60/40.
Nationally, 33 percent of Latino independents said immigration was one of the top two most important issues facing Latinos.  With taxes and spending, 49 percent of Latino independents toward a combination of spending cuts and increased taxation on the wealthy as a solution to the U.S. deficit. Latino independents tend to support (55 percent) ensuring access to health insurance and 48 percent are in favor of keeping “ObamaCare.”