Latino Church Members Turn Out in Droves to Mormon Conference


Mormon Conference Center.
The number of Latinos joining the Mormon Church has nearly doubled the United States’ Mormon population over the past decade, EFE reported.  As a result of the spike in Latino membership, the semi-annual conference held by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints had to provide special accommodations for the thousands of Latinos who attended last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah.
An assembly hall capable of holding 1,400 people was prepared for Latinos to follow the conference in Spanish. Members were also able to follow along through translations provided by bilingual employees, missionaries, linguists and volunteers.
According to the report, in the past 10 years, the Mormon Church has increased by 45 percent as the number of Latino Mormons doubled.
Since 2000, Mormon congregations have risen in the U.S. from 389 to more than 760.
Latter-day Saints spokesman Eric Hawkins said more than 14 million Mormons worldwide, including five million members from chuches in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, followed the conference through various forms of media.
(Photo by crazymonk)