Latino Advocate Says Violence Prevention Starts at Home


Reflecting on the recent Newtown massacre, Jose Aristimuno, founder of Latino Giant – a website devoted to reporting Latino political and economic progress – worries that these incidences, are becoming all too frequent.
“Our country has a terrible obsession with violence.  Everywhere we go we are constantly being fed with violence– in video games, in movies, and all over the Internet.”
Aristimuno suggests in a Huffington Post Latino article that it is the responsibility of all Americans to prevent another tragedy. He knows that mental illness, gun control, and the portrayal of violence in the media, will be addressed in Washington.  But, it extends beyond opening up a discussion.
He advises that “smart parenting” also needs to happen. “Parents have the ability and responsibility to monitor what their children are watching on TV or what video games they are playing. A responsibility to make sure that if they do watch TV, it’s only for a short period of time, or after they’ve finished all their homework.”
Aristimuno insists that parents must teach their children that, “the world is not a movie or a video game”.
Finally, he suggests that we should hold off on buying the latest, “Call of Duty: Black Ops for your 10-year old,” but should stick to a book or puzzle instead.