Latinas Influencing Economy as a Growing Consumer Force


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Hispanic women are becoming an increasingly strong influence on the United States economy, according to a report by Voxxi. This increase in power can be accredited to their “will to improve their educational pursuits and career development.”
Latinas are often the main financial decision makers in the household, which makes them “pivotal to the Hispanic market’s $1.2 trillion in annual buying power”, and they are expected to continue their trend of increasing power in the upcoming years.
Hispanic women are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, which allows them to use their mobile devices as their primary means of communication, the report added. This adaption to technology gives this group a massive amount of power in the economy.
With Latinas expected to become 30 percent of the total female population in America by 2060, their protection of the Latino culture and demand for change only helps their cause.
(Photo by USDAgov via Flickr)