Latina Personal Trainer Strikes a Fitness Balance


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Yarixa Ferrao, also known as Coach Yari, is known for her upbeat and motivational approach to fitness. The native Puerto Rican is an award-winning personal trainer and her unique approach is taking the fitness world by storm.
“I teach much more than just fitness. I practice what I preach, and I am a true student of fitness and nutrition,” the Latina fitness expert said, according to a report by
Most recently, Ferrao was scheduled to appear on CNN Espanol’s “Cala” and MTV’s “I Used to Be Fat”.
After winning second place in a South Florida figure competition in 2001, Ferraro went on to become a full-time health and fitness trainer. Over the years Ferrao has made a name for herself as a fitness coach who focuses on not just physical health, but emotional well-being too.
For Ferrao and her clients, wellness is about balance. Finding the right emotional and physical balance will do wonders for the body overall, she teaches.
“I feel it’s so important for the Latino community to gain knowledge on nutrition and exercise because without our health, how can we grow and continue to share our greatest gifts?” she said. “The lively, spicy, passionate, happy, creative, smart and loving culture we are needs to continue to thrive and bring more joy and happiness to the world.”
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