Japanese Auto Makers Pull Ahead of U.S. in Hispanic Market


When it comes to honing in on the Hispanic auto market, Japan has shifted into high gear over the U.S.
According to a report from NBC Latino, researchers from auto market firm Polk found Japanese auto makers have come out ahead of Detroit’s auto industry in regards to keying into what Hispanic buyers are looking for.
It’s a dedicated and consistent focus on the Hispanic market,” Marc Bland, head of diversity and inclusion at Polk, said of Japan’s success. “What they all have in common is respect. Respect for the consumer and going out of their way to support Latino activities in the communities they live, work and play in.”
Leading the way is Toyota, who has been the top seller to Latinos since 2004, snagging the top spot with 18 percent of the Hispanic market. Honda, Nissan, Chevrolet and Ford round out the top five.
According to spokesmen from Toyota, the key to tapping into the Hispanic auto market is keying into their buying preferences.
Spokesman Luis Rosera said, “It’s a great thing to walk into Toyota or Lexus and see people who speak Spanish. Aside from buying a house or sending a kid to college, it’s one of the biggest investments a family can make.”
He added that in some Toyota dealerships, Hispanics are offered the option of pursuing a deal in Spanish or English. Giving them that choice is a sign of respect to the customer and the culture, he said.
(Photo by d3ims via Flickr)