Is Your Micromanaging Boss Making You Sick?


Sound familiar? Micromanaging bosses in high-stress professions can lead to diabetes, according to several studies, putting Latinas at significant risk of getting the disease.
Latinas are twice as likely as any other ethnic group to develop Type 2 Diabetes and 1 in 10 Hispanics already have diabetes, according to a recent article. Other studies have found that people in high-demand, low-control jobs can also suffer from emotional burnout, depression and hypertension, according to a LatinaLista article.
There are several ways to reduce the stress of being micromanaged:

  • Change Your Own Emotional Response. This should be done first. Micromanaging bosses have enormous insecurities about their own effectiveness. Keep in mind that their behavior is not always a reflection of your abilities.
  • Don’t Try to Change Your Boss’ Behavior. Complaining about it or confronting him or her is a bad idea. It’s better to show that you can be trusted and that you follow through. Find out what your boss expects right from the start and make a plan to meet those expectations.
  • Stay Reasonable. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to finish the work your boss has set for you.
  • Address Your Health Needs on the Job. Eat healthy and take a walk during your breaks. Take a minute and breathe when you feel tense. Use your employer’s health and fitness programs if available.

Photo (c) Flickr