Is Latino Power Being Oversold?


Op-ed columnist Esther J. Cepeda is putting forth the belief that Latino electoral power in the upcoming presidential election may be oversold and this may not be the year that Hispanics determine the outcome.
Writing at, Cepeda says, “In early September, Emmy Award-winning actress America Ferrera gave attendees at a Democratic National Convention forum a hard-core reality check. ‘It is incredibly dangerous to take for granted that because Latinos are growing in number in this country, this is going to equal political engagement and political resolve,’ said Fererra. ‘One doesn’t automatically lead to the other.’”
Cepeda, who writes for the Washington Post Writers Group, also had this to say about Latino voting participation. “The candidates have just spent Hispanic Heritage Month pleading for Latino support. Hispanics who don’t know who their top U.S. political leaders are just haven’t been paying attention. They’ll be to blame if 24 million voting-eligible Latinos don’t make election history this November and instead keep the “sleeping giant” comfortably tucked in bed,” she said..