Is CL&P Ready for the Next Big Storm?


The Hartford Courant is pondering the preparedness of CL&P in the wake of a storm last week that knocked out power to thousands of state residents. The utility may have the manpower but it may not have the backup it needs.
In the editorial, the Courant says, “CL&P has enough line workers for its everyday demands, according to one expert. Its staffing “was not a major factor in the length of the restoration,” said Liberty Consulting Group in a report done for the state Public Utilities Regulatory Authority. Even though staffing has fallen to its lowest level in a decade, the utility is in the ballpark with other utilities, Liberty says.”
Where the problem lies is other utilities may not be willing to step up to the bat and send manpower and equipment when the next storm wallops Connecticut and tens of thousands are suffering without power. “Where CL&P may come up short is on outside help. Last year, other utilities couldn’t provide all the mutual aid needed. What’s worrisome is that CL&P is reportedly not renewing the contracts of outside line workers on long-term retainers. Where will rescue come from?” the editorial asked.
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