Immigration Advisors Undermine Romney's Effort to Win Latino Vote


GOP Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, whose has campaigned on an immigration plan that includes measures to make undocumented immigrants “self-deport,” and vetoing the DREAM Act, has lined up a cadre of officials who share his immigration policy views  to serve as policy advisers and supporters, potentially further damaging his support form the Latino community.
A brief background of his advisers follows, according to information provided by Think Progress, a project of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, a nonpartisan organization. The full list of his advisers can be found at the Think Progress website.

  • Kris Kobach: Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach wrote state and local anti-immigrant ordinances like those in Arizona, Alabama, and South Carolina while senior counselor to the  Immigration Reform Law Institute and as a private consultant.
  • Pete Wilson: A former Republican California governor and presidential candidate, Wilson supported a proposal that would make unauthorized immigrants ineligible for public services such as health care or public education. California voters approved it 1994,before courts declared it unconstitutional in 1997.
  • Russell Pearce: Pearce, a former Arizona Senate president, was the architect of Arizona’s infamous SB 1070, an anti-immigrant policy he says Romney will use as a template for his national policy.
  • Jan Brewer: As Arizona’s governor, Brewer endorsed Romney before the state’s primary in February. She is considered by some to be one of the country’s most anti-immigrant politicians, and she signed SB 1070, the first of a wave of anti-immigrant bills authored by Kobach.
  • Ray Walser: Walser is a co-chair of Romney’s campaign for issues pertaining to Latin America, and believes Romney will do away with the DREAM Act. He is a senior policy adviser at the Heritage Foundation who spent 27 years working for the U.S. State Department.
  • Lamar Smith: A Texas Republican who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, Smith became one the earliest members of Congress to endorse Romney, skipping over Texas Gov. Rick Perry. Smith has pledged to not hold a hearing on the DREAM Act.

 Photo courtesy Romney Campaign