Immigrants Keep America Young


Japan has the oldest population in the world, with a declining labor force and shrinking economy. Is the United States going the way of Japan?
That’s the question that John Flórez writes in his opinion piece for Hispanic Link News Service. His answer is it doesn’t have to be the case if the country is more willing to embrace Latinos and other immigrants.
Flórez points to Japan as a country wit the world’s oldest population. “[The] entire world population is rapidly aging, with Japan the oldest; one-fourth of its population is 65-plus … Japan not only has a declining birthrate but one of the world’s most restrictive immigration policies. Nations replenish their working populations through growing birthrates and immigration.”
Floréz also had this observation. “Now, we are undergoing economic hard times, compounded by the retirement of the baby boomers who comprise one-fourth of the nation’s population. The good news is the pool of new workers and taxpayers — immigrants. They are a young population with growing families, a strong work ethic and an entrepreneurial spirit.”
You can read his entire opinion piece at Hispanic Link News Service.