How To Teach Abuelos About Technology


It’s difficult for Baby Boomers and those younger to imagine a world without technology but it can be an intimidating universe for those old enough to remember World War II. That’s why you need to learn these tips for teaching technology to your abuelo y abuela.
According to Do, only 53% of seniors actively engage with the internet, which leaves almost half disconnected with their loved ones and today’s technology. Many of us can’t even imagine what not having access to the cyber world feels like. Unfortunately, many abuelitos and abuelitas don’t have the chance to connect with their loved ones, especially grandchildren, because they either don’t have the tools and gadgets or they’re intimidated by technology; leaving them with somewhat of a lonely life.
An article at has this advice:

  • You must explain every step in detail, and be prepared to repeat it, SO BE PATIENT! Don’t get frustrated when something doesn’t stick for the first forty times.
  • Be prepared to write it down. Many grandparents would prefer writing things down, yes, like using the old fashion a pen and paper!
  • Keep it useful and encourage experimentation. There are several ways to do the same thing so don’t try to give every detail about every little thing.

The article also offers advice on Facebook, what technology to conquer at first and basic computer skills.
Photo © judydigger via Flickr