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The Size and Scope of Connecticut’s Latino Community

Of the 3,600,000 Connecticut residents, 500,000 identify themselves as Hispanic.  That includes men, women and children—almost 75% of whom were born in the U.S.

  • A majority are bilingual; English is spoken in 73% of the state’s Latino households
  • Almost half reside in married households
  • Approximately 34% of Connecticut Latinos own a home

Approximately 250,000 Hispanics living in Connecticut are actively employed.

*Figures presented in 2010 U.S. Census/Connecticut demographics

Reaching the Latino Market

While the existing Spanish language media effectively reaches the Spanish language dominant population, CT Latino News will reach the increasingly growing, under-served market that is English dominant:  business owners, Latino professionals, homeowners…Latino individuals employed in the trades and service industry, those working in the public sector and civil servants.

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