Hispanic Voters Could Influence The Future Of Texas Politics


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Credit: Flickr Public Domain
A new report on the changing demographics in Texas shows Hispanic voters could be shaping the future of politics in the state.
The report by pro-immigration group America’s Voice shows the changing demographics in Texas where Latino voters are greatly influenced by the growing debate on immigration reform, and that 34% of Hispanic voters rated it as the most important issue because over half have friends or family that are undocumented.
Clarissa Martinez with National Council of La Raza says the absence of immigration reform poses a serious threat to the GOP’s long-term viability in the state.
“The issue of immigration is one that is held very personal by Latino’s” said Martinez “and there are concerns that Texas seems to be falling into a very anti-immigrant rhetoric as opposed to what it used to be in years past.”
With immigration now rated as the most important issue of the Hispanic Texas voter, Martinez says the debate is incredibly powerful when determining how Latinos look at candidates. “We (voters) are tied to the immigrant community – they are our friends, our neighbors, our family – and the majority of voters know someone who is undocumented, so they know first-hand what Congressional inaction on this issue means for this community.”
And with the Hispanic population in Texas being just under 10 million, which is larger that the entire sate population in 43 states – the longer House Republicans delay a vote on immigration reform in Washington, the worse the long-term political consequences could be for the Party.
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