Hispanic Comic Book Artists Inspired by Latino Culture


Javier Hernandez has taken his love of superheros and turned it into a career in comic books.
The Los Angeles native is the creative mind behind comic book characters like Weapon Tex-Mex, El Muerto, and Sonámbulo, according to a report by Global Nation.
When I was a kid my brother gave me his collection of comics, and I started just drawing,” he said. “And then at one point, after college, I go ‘You know, I’ve got to make my own comic. You know, I want to see stuff that maybe you don’t see a lot.’”
This year, Hernandez has also been a part of co-organizing the Latino Comics Expo at San Francisco’s Cartoon Museum for the third time, which has been gaining a growing following in the Latino comic community.
Hernandez’s comics resonate with Latinos young and old, including one 11-year-old comic book lover in particular. Ben, a Mexican-American, gave Hernandez’s comics his stamp of approval, describing them as “pretty cool.”
A lot of the comic books I read, they are never really Mexican superheros. They’re usually, like, white, black or Asian.”
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