Hawaii's Latino Population Swells


It appears Latinos are headed toward more tropical climates. According to Fox News Latino, nearly one in 10 Hawaiians are now also Latinos.
Hawaii’s population has seen a 38 percent increase in Latinos since 2010, even though its overall population has only increased by 12 percent. Puerto Ricans and then Mexicans are the state’s largest Latino demographics. 
‘. . . Latinos are fully embracing the “Aloha state” and adding their own mix to the unique culture already present on the island,” the report said.
Officials from the 2010 Census said that Latinos in Hawaii are more educated compared to those in the continental U.S.
“Forty-nine percent of us have a college or some kind of a professional degree, compared to 16 percent for the whole of the U.S.,” Mari Roma Villa said.
She added that Hawaii’s diversity has also helped some of its residents in their paths to self-discovery.
According to Villa, living in Hawaii “has helped her learn how to be a Latina.”
She said, “People in Hawaii are really proud of their ancestry. I learned much about my own culture because of living in such a diverse place,”
The island has a “pan-Hispanic” feel, with all Latinos embracing each other, regardless of the countries they are from, she said.
( Photo by Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ via Flickr)