Google Apologizes For Lack of Diversity On Its Staff


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Google has apologized–sort of–to a Los Angeles-based Latino group after the group called the tech giant out, arguing that it is not enough that Google simply published statistics on the lack of diversity in its workforce. The group is calling for greater action.
On Wednesday, Google revealed that just 3% of their employees are Hispanic, in a push towards greater diversity through transparency. The announcement prompted a response from Alex Nogales, the president of the National Hispanic Media Coalition, who seemed unimpressed, according to LA Weekly.
According to LA Weekly, Nogales spoke with Google after his group issued a response and was reassured, apologetically, of Google’s commitment to diversifying its workforce.
In fact, Nogales seems to suggest, in his response, that Google enlist the help of Latino groups, such as the one over which he presides, to achieve the diversity Google alluded to with its statistical announcement.
Nogales said that while it won’t be an easy step, it is “critically important…to help Google connect to the deep pool of Latino talent that is equipped to move the company into the next generation, both in terms of technology and multiculturalism,” LA Weekly notes.
Google admits that its decision to go public with their workforce statistics is part of a larger effort for the tech giant to “recruit and develop the world’s most talented and diverse people,” according to its official blog.
“With its rapid expansion, there is real opportunity for Latinos to enter this industry,” Nogales said.
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