From Indie Flicks to Primetime — A Latino Director's Journey


Latino indie director Rashaad Ernesto Green’s dreams are swiftly becoming a reality. After creating a series of indie films, Green has landed his big break. Thanks to his previous directorial success, he has been asked to take the helm of an episode of the hit series Grimm, NBC Latino reported.
The Puerto Rican and African-American filmmaker relished in his recent break into prime-time television and reminisced about the journey that led him to it.
“I was in my late 20s when I had a sense of the legacy I wanted to leave behind,” said Green, who is now 34. “For me, film is a way to share the truth; a truth that is authentic and of utmost importance to share with the world.”
The budding director said television has been a completely new experience.”It’s extremely fast-paced,” he said.
Green said he enjoyed his time under Grimm director — and fellow Latino — Norberto Barba.
“It made me realized that not everything has to be treated like it’s precious. You have to trust your instincts because the pressure of time is so immense.”
(Photo Courtesy of Reinaldo Green)