Four Simple Ways to Discover Latino Power on Twitter


Latinos’ use of Twitter is higher than other groups, according to recent research on the popular messaging site.
Among Latinos, 18 percent use Twitter, compared to 13 percent of blacks and 5 percent of whites. The population growth rate of Hispanics is more than 40 percent versus 4 percent for the rest of the U.S. population, giving Latinos a unique foothold in the online community, according to a recent article.
To find Latino communities, people and trends on Twitter, follow these four tips:

  • #Discover: The first and most basic task is to click on the #Discover search feature of Twitter. This way you can identify hash-tags that are already active and binding conversations relevant to Latinos or your key subject matter.
  • Seek out Latinos during culturally important events in politics, business and culture. Many companies take advantage of this phenomenon, including Univision. The station reported positive “tweets” from Latin Grammy nominees who sent words to Hurricane Sandy victims.
  • Tweet like a friend, not a salesman. Listen closely, take time to give compliments, re-tweet and respond. Think about how you would start a conversation at any social event with a person you haven’t met. That same friendly, unassuming applies on Twitter.
  • Track and measure: The web offers many social media measuring tools that can help track and monitor conversations, includingTweetreach, Tweetdeck, SproutSocial and Klout. These tools let you track hash-tag performance, identify influencers and get inside the minds and hearts of your audience.