Florida's Hispanic Students Lead National Graduation Rates


For the second consecutive year, Latino high school students in Florida are able to say they led the nation with the highest high school graduation rates.
Statistics released by the 2013 Diplomas Count Report revealed that the high school graduation rate for Florida’s Hispanic students beat out all others states at 77.1 percent — a significant leap from the national Hispanic high school graduation rate of 68.1 percent, NBC Latino reported.
Despite Latinos posting record rates, the state’s overall high school graduate rate was reported to be slightly less than the national average of 74.7 percent, at 72.9 percent.
“This by no means indicates that our work is finished,” Florida Education Commissioner Dr. Tony Bennett said. “But it is a clear sign that by working together with a clear focus, we can all help ensure that every student has a chance to succeed in college, in a career and in life.”
Deborah Santiago, co-founder and vice president for policy and research at Excelencia in Education, echoed Bennett’s sentiments.
“The feat doesn’t call for time of leisure; instead, it surfaces a greater responsibility to get the national rate up to speed,” she said.
According to Santiago, Latino graduation rates “still need to be improved relative to others” because a gap still persists. The higher rates are a cause for celebration, but there is still work to be done, she said.