Fitchburg CEO Leads Largest Hispanic-Owned Business in New England



Photo by Resource Management Inc.
By Taran Lucker
Reinaldo Lopez, CEO of Resource Management, Inc., serves the Latino community in both Massachusetts and Florida through his firm, which is currently the largest Hispanic-owned business in New England. A first-generation American from Puerto Rico, Lopez has developed his small company into a human resources giant that now operates in 36 states.
His success serves as a model for other area Latinos, showing that it is possible to achieve the American dream. CEO by day, Lopez is also active on various boards in both Massachusetts and Florida. Lopez has received countless awards and accolades, including the Hispanic Business Magazine’s Top 50 USA Business Award and Jacksonville’s Businessman of the Year in 2007.
Can you introduce yourself and explain how connected you are to the Latino community?
My name is Reinaldo Lopez, and I was born in Puerto Rico. I immigrated to the United States with my mother, as she was a migrant worker for the Tobacco Farms in Windsor Locks, Conn. We lived in Springfield, Mass. Besides the obvious, I am involved in the Latino community both here and in Florida at many levels. I am currently a Director of the Boston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, as well as a Director of the Hispanic Business Council in Central Florida. In addition, my business gives monetary support to many of the Latino Centers in Central Massachusetts. We are also a member of various Latino chambers in Florida.
How has your past inspired you to become involved with the Latino community?
When I arrived in Springfield I spoke no English. I started in the third grade, and of course there was no bilingual education at that time. Needless to say, it was challenging, but I believe challenges are good for us. There were very few opportunities for Latinos when I was growing up, and therefore the spirit of entrepreneurship became a part of me. The challenges that I faced have moved me to assist others, Latino and non-Latino, in furthering their careers and business ownership.
How has Resource Management, Inc. grown since it was founded in 1995?
When I started Resource Management in 1995, our services were very limited. We were strictly a local business offering basic payroll and workers’ compensation services. We have evolved into the largest Hispanic-owned business in New England with four branch offices in Florida. We are now providing Human Resources services in 36 states. According to the Hispanic Business Magazine, we are the 54th largest Hispanic business in the nation. Last year’s revenue for Resource Management was in excess of 130 million dollars.
What advice for success do you have for Latinos?
I would advise anyone who has a dream to follow it and be consistent about the pursuit. If we stay consistent in our pursuits and surround ourselves with good advisors and strategic partners, there is really no obstacle we can’t overcome.