Experts Say Positive Attitude Key to Career Success


With unemployment still high, workplace responsibilities growing every day, and the cost of living rising fast, it’s become something of a survival game for many of us to not only hold on to our jobs – but excel and get promoted as soon as possible.
And all it really takes is something as simple as having a positive attitude and showing an interest in learning and working hard, according to a recent article on
Of course, that seems to fall in line with what we suspected all along – the guy who seems to work too hard or is too enthusiastic about  work really does impress the boss and get that promotion.
For example, Nevada led the country in unemployment for two years, but the economy improved and Nevada businesses eventually hired 23,000 people. Flooded with resumes, Nevada business owners said they looked for very simple, traditional hallmarks of future success during job interviews.
“Attitude is the No. 1 thing we look for,” said John Bibby, vice president of human resources for Sunrise Health.
“You can tell if someone has passion … just by the way they talk,” Bibby said. “There are four things we look for: attitude, competence, service, and safety. Everything else, we can teach.”
Employees should show their bosses that they want to be a part of the company, said Christopher Henry, vice president of human resources strategy and measurement for MGM Resorts International.
When it comes time for layoffs, however, workers who have proven themselves essential are more likely be spared or offered a chance to transfer within the company.
Experts recommend that workers volunteer to learn parts of an operation not usually associated with their jobs. Employees can stand out by having a unique skill, like being the only one who knows how an essential computer program works, according to the article.
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